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About me

I am French American. I graduated from IFAS school of psychotherapy, after a five year cursus . I will welcome you in a safe and caring space where I offer my listening and accompany you to set in motion the change in order to feel « whole » in your life.

I understand that it can be a difficulty to admit to yourself that you are unable to overcome the painful situations that mark your path. It can sometimes be thought that seeking support in therapy is a sign of weakness and vulnerability. On the contrary , it is a sign of struggle and an inner force to rebuilt oneself.
Anxiety , depression, a feeling of melancholia do not appear overnight. These are emotions that stem from your past. Struggling to appear strong can lead to emotional exhaustion and to a « burn out ».

In therapy we will give to the emotional pain all the attention and importance it deserves because we cannot leave it without proper care.
I will help you through a dynamic approach that aims to link your sensations, emotions, thoughts, existential questions, to develop strategies to heal your emotional wounds .
Together we will explore your behavioral development , the beliefs you have about yourself and the world that have contributed to limit yourself in your choices . I will help you broaden your fields of possibilities, find a new meaning to your life and become fully actor of it. I will support you and guide you on the road of reconstruction.

Having emotional problems is not a choice on the other hand you have the power to get therapeutic accompaniment. Make that first appointment .

I am at your disposal for any questions or additional information. You can make an appointment by phone or e-mail to « psychologie France »at the attention of Elisabeth Alliel Herzog.

Elisabeth Herzog Alliel

Elisabeth Herzog Alliel

Gestalt therapist

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