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About me

Some years ago, while I was working as a manager in a camera store, I realized that I was more concerned with the wellbeing of my clients then with achieving business targets. A skills assessment that followed confirmed the obvious: back to school to finally become a psychologist. It was the beginning of a new life for me.

The transition to university opened the doors to unsuspected knowledge. The discovery of the integrated approach confirmed my choice as a psychologist: be open to many practical methods to get the best of each for my patients. Adapting to them and not applying the same technique on every patient seems paramount. I have constantly been gathering information about existing therapies, drawing from each method that what is useful for each single being who walks through the door of my office.

While it is true that my preference goes towards the individual techniques such as brief, solution-oriented therapy, and cognitive and behavioral thérapies, I also appreciate  systemic therapy, which allows me to welcome couples . My theoretical openness allows me to support individual adults, as well as couples.

Ariane Lerho

Ariane Lerho


The human being, which is naturally unique, carries hidden resources. With your help and co-construction, I assist you in discovering these resources so you can use them to overcome, permanently, a period of pain or discomfort you are going through. Whether at home, work or personal level, you possess the resources to face your difficulties. I offer only a way to enable you to discover that you have the tools to cultivate this beautiful garden that lies in you.


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